Radiography Education Enrollment Shows Marginal Rise in 2017

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Directors of radiography educational programs report the number of enrolled students increased slightly in 2017, while nuclear medicine technology and radiation therapy programs saw modest enrollment declines, according to a survey prepared by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists.

Entering class enrollments, student accommodation availability and predicted future enrollment levels are among the findings in the ASRT Enrollment Snapshot of Radiography, Radiation Therapy and Nuclear Medicine Technology Programs ─ 2017.

According to the survey results, an estimated 15,769 students were enrolled in radiography programs in 2017 averaging 21.7 students per program, up from 21.1 in 2016.

Radiation therapy and nuclear medicine technology programs saw slight declines in enrollment. The survey noted an average of 10.5 students were enrolled in radiation therapy programs, down from 10.8 in 2016. An average of 10.9 students were enrolled in nuclear medicine technology programs, down from 11.4 in 2016. In total, the survey showed an estimated 1,151 students enrolled in radiation therapy programs, with an estimated 1,273 students enrolled in nuclear medicine technology programs.

“Our survey results suggest that program directors continue to limit enrollment by not filling their classes to capacity,” said ASRT Director of Research John Culbertson, M.A., M.Ed. “Only about half of the programs in radiography and radiation therapy are at full enrollment, and only a little more than one quarter of nuclear medicine technology programs are at capacity. We’ll continue to monitor this trend to see if it continues in 2018.”

The survey was sent to all directors of radiography, radiation therapy and nuclear medicine technology programs currently recognized by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. ASRT sent the survey by email to 954 program directors in December 2017; 333 participated, a response rate of 34.9 percent. ASRT has conducted the survey every year since 2001.


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