Premaitha Secures Market Entry into Egypt


Premaitha Health plc announces that it has signed an exclusive agreement (the “Agreement”) with a new partner (the “Partner”) to offer the IONA test across Egypt. As a result of the Agreement, the Company is pleased to have secured its first Egyptian customer, a private reference testing laboratory (the “Laboratory”), located in Cairo.

It is expected that the Laboratory will be fully installed by the end of Q2 2018 and will provide the IONA test to its network of hospitals and clinics across the greater Cairo region. With a population of over 20 million people in Cairo alone – and approximately 2.8 million births per annum throughout Egypt – the Partner plans to establish additional installed laboratories for the IONA test in other strategic locations.

Premaitha’s IONA test estimates the risk of a fetus being affected with Down’s syndrome or other genetic conditions. The test is performed on a maternal blood sample, containing traces of fetal DNA, which is then analysed using next generation DNA sequencing technology. The test is highly accurate and significantly reduces the number of women who are unnecessarily subjected to risky, invasive follow up procedures to diagnose Down’s syndrome and other genetic conditions.

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