Krabi to host first Sundown Marathon Thailand Series in September

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The picturesque province of Krabi will stage the first ever ‘Sundown Marathon Thailand Series’ event to be held in Thailand, on Saturday, September 22, 2018. More than 4,000 Thai and international runners are expected to take part in this popular Asian night running event, and organisers are confident they will be impressed by the race’s route and Krabi’s charm and beauty.

Krabi was chosen as host venue for the Sundown Marathon due to its experience as a tourist destination and its capability to handle large events with many participants. Accommodation-wise, Krabi offers over 10,000 hotel rooms. The destination also boasts plenty of beautiful scenery along the race route for runners, including its gorgeous beaches, as well as unique Thai local experiences in the way of arts and culture for the runners and spectators to enjoy.

‘Sundown Marathon Krabi 2018’ will feature 12 km and 21 km race distances for around 4,000 runners. Along the course of the race itself, various fun and entertaining activities will take place including a festival and concert.

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