HMD Launches DispoVan Insulin Pen Needle at Medica


HMD has launched Indian DispoVan Insulin Pen Needle at Europe’s Medical Forum, Medica. Speaking on World Diabetes Day, Rajiv Nath, Joint Managing Director of Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices (HMD) said, “We are excited to launch our DispoVan Insulin Pen Needles to provide better comfort for people with diabetes at Medica on the occasion of World Diabetes Day.”

“With the global launch of ‘Dispovan Insulin Pen Needle’, we will contribute towards our ongoing commitment of making healthcare affordable for people worldwide,” said Pardeep Sareen, Pradeep Sarin – Marketing Head, HMD.

“The Dispovan insulin pen needle is a precision engineered, yet affordable sterile single use pen needle, which can be universally fitted on all international brands of insulin pens,” said Sarin. We have had a very encouraging and excellent feedback from the India launch and now are excited to enter the global market.

Sarin further said, “At the same time we are aiming to make these needles competitive and affordable, so patients do not tend to reuse needles. Re-use does not only lead to a more painful experience but can also lead to infections and complications.”


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